25 05, 2017

How to make a perfect acrylic wedding invitation?

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Acrylic wedding invitations are becoming popular nowadays. Why? Different couples might have different options. However, the most popular answers I hear is that customers like how elegant it looks. When it comes to an acrylic wedding invitation, people often have questions like, is it expensive? Can I make it in colored sheets? What sizes [...]

29 04, 2017

What Do You Really Mean By Acrylic Chairs

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When it comes to furnishing, people have so different tastes. Some prefer classic chunk wood chairs, some prefer big leather lounge chairs. It won't heart those for those who love traditional designs and modern designs for a peace. From wedding tables, office to the home kitchen, acrylic chairs are getting more and more popular. [...]

6 04, 2017

10 Acrylic Furniture Accessories You Want To Try

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A space needs something to grab attention, something to make a statement. A single Lucite accent will do a good job. Lucite has had a recent comeback in transitional interiors, and I love it. I believe that a space needs something to grab your attention — something just a little bit different to make a [...]

25 03, 2017

How to set up an acrylic flower stand?

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Every wedding planner is constantly looking for wedding inspiration and wedding centerpiece ideas. Table decoration is particularly important. Centerpieces for wedding tables are almost the heart of the entire wedding design, because at the time of the wedding ceremony and reception, the guests are sitting around the table for most of the time. Most popular [...]

14 03, 2017

How to display and storage your eyelashes?

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Last Sunday when I was visiting an eyelash salon with my friend Julie, I had a nice and relaxing time. Julie got her mink lash extensions and learned from several tips from the girl. Her eyes looked much more beautiful! When we were heading back home from the salon, Julie wanted to take few more pairs [...]

3 01, 2017

9 Things About Acrylic Photo Frames You Want To Know

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Clear photo frames are invisible and they will fit in with any decor. Can sit horizontally or vertically. There are many reasons why people prefer acrylic than other materials to make photo frames. Clarity: Glass has a tendency to distort your view in a way that acrylic not. Most glass also adds slight greenish [...]

15 12, 2016

Should I buy an acrylic fish tank?

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Aquariums comes in all shapes and sizes, but there are only two types of materials: Glass tanks and Acrylic Tanks. People began to use glass to make aquariums since 100 years ago. The first stable glass aquarium was set up by Robert in the mid eighteen forties, it was a 13 gallon tank. Glass aquariums [...]

28 07, 2016

Free gift ideas for makeup organizer retailers

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Today we recommend you low cost, useful cosmetic related gift ideas for your makeup organizer retail business. The gift ideas are supposed to attract more customers and bring you more sales. FREE GIFT is an attractive thing to customers. Many of our clients of acrylic makeup organizer come to us for advice of gift ideas [...]

27 06, 2016

Why we love acrylic furniture (and you should too)?

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I am a firm believer that, although the current economic times are tough there are still ways to find furniture that you love and that is quality while still staying new and modern.  The clear acrylic furniture helps our space feel uncluttered.  It practically floats in front, updating our living room in the most edgy, yet elegant [...]

8 06, 2016

10 Quick Tips About Acrylic Furniture

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Acrylic furniture: furniture without shadow. Best choice for a bright space. Acrylic used in the furniture field can be described as the perfect combination of design and manufacturing. In contemporary furniture design, acrylic products could be used for coffee table, dining table, lounge chairs, bar, sofa, lounge chairs, etc., almost all kinds of the furniture. [...]