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10 Acrylic Furniture Accessories You Want To Try

A space needs something to grab attention, something to make a statement. A single Lucite accent will do a good job.

Lucite has had a recent comeback in transitional interiors, and I love it. I believe that a space needs something to grab your attention — something just a little bit different to make a statement — and a single Lucite accent does that beautifully. These are some of my favorites.

Acrylic Baluster

Acrylic baluster are available in different sizes. They don’t add a cold look like metal to the place. They look fancy and dreamy. Especially, when the sun comes in, the balusters sparkles brightly. It looks futuristic. Acrylic is easy to be shaped, so it is workable for the owner to be creative and design their own style.

Acrylic Curtain Rod

These rods were custom fabricated from solid lucite rods outfitted with polished nickel brackets, finials with crystal balls, and rings. The rods are 48″ wide. The drapes weren’t very heavy so a center support bracket wasn’t required. Heavier drapes will require a center bracket. They look splendid, don’t they?

Acrylic Wine Rack

Are you someone who loves wine? and collect a lot of wines? If so, this is the best solution you might like. Check out the all clear acrylic wine rack, they are so stable and make your collections shine!

Acrylic Leg

It is hard to choose sometimes for legs, knobs and handles. To match the color and material. Hmm, why not try acrylic instead. Somewhere in the bathroom, the metal accessories might got rusty and make the room dark. Do you fear something under a cabinet? You might just notice you drop something until you move the vanity. Anyway, if you choose acrylic legs, you will always easy to notice if something down there.

Acrylic Drawer Pull

Acrylic handles, knobs and drawer pulls are getting so popular these days. No matter for bright colors or traditional heavy metal colors, acrylic could match without looking strange. Our acrylic handles are polished and smooth on the surface it is comfortable to touch. The clear acrylic handles usually come with chrome brackets and they hold the handles tightly. They won’t come off just like the metal handles.

Acrylic Sculpture Stand

Let’s present your art works proudly. Sometimes you shop in the flee market for days then find something you really love. Or you are given a beautiful gift from your artist friend. You are wondering how to present? Some sculptures are made of wood or metal which are in dark color. If you place them into some corner, no one will notice them! Why not try an acrylic sculpture stand? Your sculpture will stand out immediately and become the centerpiece of the area. All eyes on the beautiful piece which you love!

Acrylic Drawer Divider

It’s every lady’s dream to have a big nice dressing room. All clothes and accessories are beautifully organized. It is nice to have things organized. There are many items in the market from shoe boxes, drawer dividers and metal hangers. It is however more tricky to make everything look beautiful. Why not considering acrylic drawer dividers? They are self-assembly which available in different shapes. They can put in different compartments depending on how you would like them to be.

Acrylic Vanity Stools

It is the most enjoyable time when standing by a vanity table. The seat should be comfortable especially when it comes to bathroom vanity chair. Well, acrylic is the perfect choice for it. Firstly, nothing will rust. Secondly, feel free to watch it with water when needed. Oh, you can sit comfortably even without any clothes on.

Acrylic End Table

When it comes to acrylic, it is the chance for you to make your design which is one of a kind. It is nice to shop around in IKEA and find something you like or you can even find more special items from designers. Why not be your own designer and make your own piece. I bet it will stand out! Acrylic is available for both luxury and minimalist. You can make your design by a simple sketch and we will take care of the rest.

Acrylic Bookcase

What is the most important thing in the world for you? Most people will say family. When it comes to children, parents always want to give their baby the best in the world. Acrylic is an expensive material when it comes to furniture fabrication. However our baby cribs and bookcase both are popular. For couples who live in big cities like New York or London they might don’t have a big room for their baby and they still want a nice place for their babies. Acrylic is an perfect solution for a limited space. You will have your books and items organized and the bookcase itself is more like floating in the air. This is kind of cool for the children to see such a furniture piece.

When you decide to go for acrylic items, it is always hard to find the manufacturer online. Most designs are custom made by designers and they might don’t have the contact of the manufacturer anymore. If you like to have something similar, or even more beautiful. Don’t hesitate to discuss with us! We will be happy to help to make it happen.

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