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What Do You Really Mean By Acrylic Chairs

When it comes to furnishing, people have so different tastes. Some prefer classic chunk wood chairs, some prefer big leather lounge chairs. It won’t heart those for those who love traditional designs and modern designs for a peace. From wedding tables, office to the home kitchen, acrylic chairs are getting more and more popular. Last week, I received an inquiry from a hotel owner asking about our lucite chairs. I learned from their website to know that their hotel is more of an affordable solution and did not think our high-end chairs are a perfect solution for him. He insisted for a quotation and I sent to him finally. He replied to me that it was a humiliation for him that I was obviously a joke. I finally decided to wrote this blog to clarify that acrylic chairs, the chairs really made of acrylic, are not cheap. If you prefer more affordable solutions, you will find them below.

1) These are not made of acrylic!

Ghost chairs are not made of acrylic

ghost chair

Kartell and Phillippe Starck have a unique partnership that delivers the best in contemporary plastic furniture. His Louis Ghost chair is a best seller

Phillippe Starck for Kartell has reinvented the classic Louis XV chair.  The first Louis Ghost armchair created in 2002 was a postmodern celebration of innovation and historic style.  The Louis Ghost is developed by a single injection-molded polycarbonate, an eco-friendly, recyclable plastic.  This contemporary piece of furniture shows off the style of Phillipe Starck and his European design inspiration.

You can visit the original link here: http://shopkartell.com/philippe-starck/

The original ghost chair is $405 per piece. You could easily find cheaper ones on Amazon which is around $75 per piece. I personally love this chair. It is almost impossible to inject acrylic into such a big and well complex design. You will see what an injection acrylic piece look like blow if you keep reading.

Tobias chairs are not made of acrylic

Tobias chair
Another famous clear plastic chair is Tobias chair from Ikea. It is so often to see. Simple transparent chair is affordable and modern could be used for dining, office meeting room or home office.
Product description
Leg frame: Steel, Chrome plated
Seat shell: Polycarbonate plastic
Foot: Polypropylene
Nut: Zinc, Chrome plated
Bumpers/ Washers: Synthetic rubber
We can see from Ikea website that Tobias chair is not made of acrylic either. It is made of polycarbonate which is the same with ghost chair. Maybe polycarbonate is not that widely known as acrylic, or the name is too long for people to remember and search online? Polycarbonate is a fantastic material which is very resistant to high impact. It is very sturdy and won’t be broken easily. You can see a video on our website of an unbreakable glass to see how strong this material is.

2) These are made of molded acrylic!

vapor chairs

Vapor chair looks similar with Tobias chair because they use similar materials. However when we look into it, we can find the clear seat by CB2 is not polycarbonate.

poof. A chair out of thin air. No fabric, no leather, just one clean swoop of clear, thick acrylic exposing architectural chrome plated square steel frame. Formfitting curves in all the right places. Clearly works with any table. Invisible look opens up small rooms.

  • Thick molded acrylic seat and back
  • Chrome-plated steel frame
  • Made in Taiwan

Here we can see that vapor chair is $179 per piece which is $100 thant Tobias chair which is only $79 per piece. If we look closely into the photos of the two chairs that we can see there is a blue tint from Tobias chair while Vapor chair is not. Acrylic injection moldings are with more technique challenges than polycarbonate moldings. We see from the market many replicas of Ghost chairs and Tobias chairs but hardly seen any vapor chairs. You might see Vapor chairs are not as popular but to invest into acrylic moldings are with much higher risk. Acrylic molded chairs are better solustion for those care functions but also calls for beauty and perfection of a furniture piece.

3) These are handmade acrylic chairs!

Why on earth will you make handcrafted acrylic chairs as there are polycarbonate and molded acrylic chairs on the market! As the manufacturer, we have no choice but to supply from the market. If ther is a market share, I think 90 people out of 100 will buy polycarbonate chairs, 8 will buy molded acrylic chairs and only 2 will buy acrylic chairs. Why? Because handcrafted acrylic chairs are the most expensive. From our market reasearch, we can see the price of handcrafted chairs is usually more than $2,000 per piece. So who are buying these handmade acrylic chairs? and why?

acrylic chairs

People buy acrylic chairs at such a high price because, they look luxury. Just like someone would buy Gucci bags than other not famous brands. Handmade acrylic chairs look fabulous with sleep modern look. Ghost chairs are great but you see them everywhere. Acrylic handcrafted chairs are one of a kind. You don’t see them that often so you get people’s eyes when they step into your place.

Handcrafted acrylic chairs are made from cast acrylic sheets and the production goes for many procedures. It is not simple as that to put plastics into injection machines and after while the chairs just come out. The uphostery of acrylic chairs are just so free. You can choose the fabrics and colors you like to match your home. Your monograms could be made to personize an outstanding piece for your family own.

Don’t be surprised but our workshop can always produce something out of your idea or sketch. It is not that hard to be a designer when it comes to your sweet home!

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