Acrylic crafts can be made from acrylic fabrication and acrylic injection. Because acrylic can be easily customized, acrylic is very popular for designers who want to make unique products. From acrylic photo frames, trophies, tombstones, jewelry to keychains, acrylic is a great product for your DIY projects.

Always want to buy something for your loved ones, why not try to make some on your own. Acrylic is easy to be cut, drilled and polished. If you don’t have these tools or machines, you can always buy blanks from us. A blank panel or blank trophy can be supplied by us and you can draw on them, write on them and print on them.

Anchuang Acrylic have made many custom-made acrylic crafts for promotional events, for brands like Samsung, Sony, Sunning and many. The reasons for choose acrylic material over other materials are mostly because:

  • high-end look
  • flexibility in MOQ
  • low custom fee

7 Things You Should Know About Acrylic Sign Boards

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Acrylic Pedestal for your Ornaments

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When it comes to pets, birds are the perfect middle ground. They’re less high maintenance than cats or dogs, but they have a lot more personality and are friendlier than fish. As a bird lover, you obviously want your birds to be comfortable and well cared for in their cages. Of course, the type [...]

Acrylic Mirror vs Glass Mirror

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Mirrors can be made from a variety of materials, with glass being quite the popular option. However, in recent years, acrylic has risen in popularity as well, with many mirrors now being made out of this material. Acrylic mirrors are produced by high-quality acrylic sheets through the latest processing technology to be a kind [...]

Lucite Tombstones: What’s the Story Behind Deal Toys?

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A financial tombstone or deal toy is a customized gift or souvenir. These are used in the finance sector in order to commemorate a significant transaction or business deal. They are also called Lucite tombstones because they’re usually made from Lucite acrylic. Deal toys are often presented as a trophy during a commemorative event or corporate [...]

10 Popular Acrylic Items for Your DIY

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The Ins And Outs of Acrylic Trophies

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How to Tell Acrylic Apart From Others? There’s little chance for anyone to confuse acrylic with something else. It is possibly one of the easiest materials to identify and tell apart from others. Acrylic may look a lot like glass, clear, shiny and smooth, however, an obvious difference can be felt as soon [...]