10 Popular Acrylic Items for Your DIY

If you’re into DIY, you’re going to love acrylics. The material is relatively simple to fashion into the shape you desire, and comes in every color of the rainbow. You can mold and bend it with heat, and cut it with saws or laser cutters. Let’s look at a few projects you can undertake with this material. Keep in mind that you’ll need CNC machinery and laser cutters/saws to create these.

  • Acrylic necklaces

acrylic necklace

Acrylics are great for fashioning necklaces and indeed most other kinds of jewelry as well. You can use acrylics to get truly creative and fashion the weirdest and funkiest of shapes into existence. Plus, you can measure your neck in advance to get the perfect fit for yourself. These bracelets can also make for some thoughtful and appreciated gifts.

  • A Charging Dock for your Phone

acrylic phone charging dock

You can use acrylics to make a charging dock for a phone with or without a cover. With this, you’ll be able to comfortably place your phone at the optimal angle when sitting down at your desk.

  • A Chess Board and Chess Pieces

Acrylic chess board

There is a wealth of beautiful artisan chess sets out there in the market, and you can create one of these for yourself too! You can customize the pieces according to your own fancy and taste. You’ll need to make the board around three layers thick of acrylic, and the pieces around 20 layers thick. If you don’t have a laser, you might have to order laser cut parts online.

  • An LED table

Acrylic LED table

If you’ve ever wanted an LED table that wouldn’t be out of place at a bar, this is the project for you. As long as you’re decently capable of soldering and working with metal, you should be able to construct this. The top will be made of acrylic, with the LEDs placed at the side.

  • Christmas Ornaments

Acrylic Christmas ornaments

Need ornaments for your kid’s local Christmas pageant or to put up on the Christmas tree? You can use acrylics to create both simple and intricate ornaments.

  • Funky Lamp

acrylic lamps

You can create a customized light fixture by using acrylics and a good laser cutter.

  • Acrylic Shelves

acrylic shelves

Acrylics are quite durable, and so would be a suitable material to use while constructing a shelf that might be expected to hold heavy items. Clear acrylic glass would serve to give the room an aesthetically pleasing look by causing items to appear as if they were floating.

  • Jewelry Box

acrylic jewelry box

You can create a funky looking jewelry box to store your trinkets in using acrylics. Make sure to create different compartments for your larger palettes to fit in comfortably.

  • Acrylic specimen

acrylic specimen

Do you remember when Penny received the acrylic snowflake from Lenard of the snowflake from the North pole , how happy and surprised she was? Well, why not try something yourself. You can preserve and make your own specimen of a flower or a Dandelion. I bet it will go to your permanent collection. If you are going to give it as a gift, it will be one of a kind!

  • Cosplay Items

acrylic cosplay

If you enjoy dressing up as your favorite characters, acrylic can be used to create realistic looking props like swords and guns.

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