Acrylic hotel supply to help to make your hotel a better place. Acrylic hotel signage, acrylic hotel room organizer, acrylic hotel bathroom sets, acrylic pamphlet holders etc, they add a modern look to your hotel. To make your hotel more convenient and organized place, you can always try acrylic items. In our acrylic hotel supply blogs, we will share the latest trend of acrylic material used in the hospitality industry!

3 Must-Have Acrylic Hotel Supplies

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If you’re in charge of management at a hotel, you should seriously consider switching to certain acrylic hotel supplies. Acrylics are great substitutes for glass (related, read more about the difference between glass and acrylic), but they have an added advantage in that they are shatterproof (although they do crack or break if dropped [...]

10 Acrylic Items That Should Be In Every Hotel

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Acrylic is an all-round material, light in weight, shatter proof and easy to clean. Not to mention how convenient and fitting it is for everyday use. These qualities have allowed the manufacturers to offer us a list of items made of acrylic that brings class, beauty, and ease to our lives. These acrylic offerings [...]