Because acrylic is a see-through material which clearly displays all your cosmetics, it has been popular for years. Acrylic makeup organizer is a must-have makeup storage solution. Get your cosmetics organized with acrylic organizers, injected or fabricated. You can have a big one so you could put inside all your makeup, or you can buy individual organizers so you can put inside lipsticks, eyeshadows or compact separately. There is a large potential for acrylic makeup organizer because it is available in both deluxe and affordable price ranges. Handcrafted acrylic makeup organizers are usually big, heavy and shiny. It is made of cast acrylic sheet which is built to organize all kinds of cosmetics. Yet, injected acrylic makeup organizers are made as an affordable solution. The injected organizers are usually smaller but you can buy several at a time and use them all together. Anchuang Acrylic has a wide range of selections.

3 Great Ideas for Cosmetic Storage

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As much as you love makeup, you must also hate the mad scramble when you’re trying to find a particular shade of lipstick or eyeliner. Sure, most things have a tendency to get all over the place, but no object has a knack for being out of reach just when you need it to [...]

Cosmetic storage ideas you should know

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Having a good collection of cosmetics is just the thing every girl would love. But with having many cosmetic items in your possession, comes the dilemma of them getting mixed up. You will waste a lot of time trying to sort out your collection before a gathering. This gives rise to the necessity of [...]

How to display and storage your eyelashes?

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Last Sunday when I was visiting an eyelash salon with my friend Julie, I had a nice and relaxing time. Julie got her mink lash extensions and learned from several tips from the girl. Her eyes looked much more beautiful! When we were heading back home from the salon, Julie wanted to take few more pairs [...]

Free gift ideas for makeup organizer retailers

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Today we recommend you low cost, useful cosmetic related gift ideas for your makeup organizer retail business. The gift ideas are supposed to attract more customers and bring you more sales. FREE GIFT is an attractive thing to customers. Many of our clients of acrylic makeup organizer come to us for advice of gift ideas [...]

Fabricated acrylic makeup organizer VS. injected makeup organizer

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Acrylic makeup organizers are perfect to display and storage your cosmetics. The box could be seen through, which makes the access to your lipsticks or eye shadow you would like to wear in the day to be so easy. However most of the customers don't know that there are two types of clear makeup [...]

How to fabricate acrylic makeup organizers?

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As a customer you might wonder where to buy makeup organizers? As a manufacturer, we are wondering why our customers don’t buy from us? We have come across some customers that they thought they have been cheated by other sellers. Where can I buy makeup storage? If you need to buy only [...]

How to organize my lipsticks?

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Do you find it impossible to find that lipstick or mascara in your drawers stuffed with piles of cosmetics? Our new Cosmetic Organizer neatly stores all your makeup in one simple and awesome design! Check out those are the popular ones! Rotating/Spinning Lipstick Tower Lipstick Rack Lipstick Holder Customized design [...]

Make it easy to organize your cosmetic now!

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Source: Women are born to love to be beautiful, so a variety of cosmetics is essential. But how to storage them sometimes has become a vexing problem. Mountains of makeup but do not know how to organize? Can’t find your mascara or blending brush in the pile of makeup stuff all in one place?It’s time to [...]