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Acrylic Pedestal for your Ornaments

It’s quite common nowadays to use acrylics for various display purposes. With their impressive ability to beautify the presentation of your vases and ornamental items, acrylic pedestals are a must have for the modern home. These acrylic pedestals have become one of the hottest items on the market, thanks to their versatility and aesthetic appearance. Let’s have a look at why you need these in your life.

You can choose from a wide variety of shapes

Acrylics are easily fabricated into different shapes, which means that this material allows for an astonishing breadth and variety of looks for your ornament display. You can look for customizable displays online, and indulge in your passion for funky and unique shapes if you so wish. This is a strong reason acrylic pedestals have become so popular: they make your house look distinct, and allow you to express your personality and preferences. Metal or wooden displays don’t allow for this diversity of shapes to choose from, and so acrylics remain at the top of their game.

Take this unique looking pedestal, for example. Its length makes it the perfect match for the long bust placed atop it. And that’s the beauty of acrylic pedestals; they can be customized easily to be the right fit for any of your ornaments. Yes, metal and wood might also be customizable, but it’s a lot more expensive and difficult to do this.

Acrylic Pedestal

The pedestal resembles glass

Glass has a unique look. Structures made of glass immediately look classy and elegant, especially when they’re used to showcase other items. Unfortunately, glass can crack or break quite easily. If you want your glass displays to not be quite so breakable, you’ll have to pay a significantly larger amount of money for specially treated glass. One great alternative to this is to simply use acrylic plastic instead. These plastics resemble glass to a great extent but are shatterproof, and so don’t get damaged quite as easily. They’re also a less expensive option here. Plus, acrylics don’t yellow with age, so pedestals made out of them should last for an indefinite amount of time and keep your vases or china looking fabulous.

Acrylic Pedestal

Acrylics are free of toxins

Acrylics have a clear safety advantage over some other plastics, since it is BPA-free (Bisphenol-A). Many manufacturers have switched to producing BPA-free products following a backlash created due to studies that point towards BPA being harmful. BPA is said to interfere with hormone receptors in the body, and lead to a range of conditions, from impairing cell growth and repair and premature delivery, to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), asthma and reduced liver and thyroid function.

Fortunately, acrylics don’t contain this harmful compound. Furthermore, unlike some BPA-free products that leach other harmful chemicals into the environment, acrylics tend to not contain such harmful additives. All of this points towards acrylic pedestals being of a non-toxic nature, and therefore safe for use in your drawing rooms, bedrooms, as well as in your children’s playrooms.

Acrylic pedestal
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