Acrylic wedding decoration is for creative people. Get a one of a kind centerpiece for your wedding should not be a problem. Acrylic centerpieces are perfect choices for florists who want their flower arrangements to stand out! Acrylic is light in weight. If you are a wedding planner or cater and you have several weddings a day. You don’t want to carry around heavy items all day right? Acrylic wedding decoration ideas are usually much more shatterproof than glass and crystal. When you have used all vases and centerpieces again and again for many clients, you might want to try something new? If you have a very long table to decorate, or you want to make something extra tall, you may not find a perfect centerpiece available in the market to use. Why not talk to us, maybe we can build something not available in the market and make your decor more special?

Party Food Display(Cake Table Décor)

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If you need to display food at a party, or need cake table décor, your best choice is to go acrylic. This holds for whether the display is for a child’s birthday party, a wedding or a soiree. Let’s have a look at why acrylic is the best choice for you. Why acrylic? [...]

Acrylic wedding decoration ideas you should try | acrylic wedding table idea

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Acrylic Place Card Picture source Acrylic place cards are made of clear smooth acrylic with blank surfaces on both sides for writing, printing or etching. Acrylic name cards are available in custom sizes. Popular sizes are 3.9 x 3.9 inches. Oral, round, rectangular or hexagon shapes are the most popular choices. [...]

Acrylic centerpieces- The grand way of decorating

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Centerpieces are essential items of decoration and are usually placed on the table. Centerpieces complement the theme of an environment. Basically, a centerpiece is the central important item in a decorated environment. If you are organizing big celebrations or if you are preparing for a wedding, centerpieces are a must add on to the occasion. [...]

Long table centerpiece ideas

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There are many kinds of centerpieces for a wedding. Candles and fresh flowers are among the most popular choices. Nowadays, plants are becoming widely used. When designers are thinking about a centerpiece for a long table, they always consider what size centerpiece to use. If candles to be used, they will need a dozen [...]

How to make a perfect acrylic wedding invitation?

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Acrylic wedding invitations are becoming popular nowadays. Why? Different couples might have different options. However, the most popular answers I hear is that customers like how elegant it looks. When it comes to an acrylic wedding invitation, people often have questions like, is it expensive? Can I make it in colored sheets? What sizes [...]

How to set up an acrylic flower stand?

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Every wedding planner is constantly looking for wedding inspiration and wedding centerpiece ideas. Table decoration is particularly important. Centerpieces for wedding tables are almost the heart of the entire wedding design, because at the time of the wedding ceremony and reception, the guests are sitting around the table for most of the time. Most popular [...]

How to get pure décor for wedding?

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It has been two years since we got our first inquiry of acrylic wedding items. As you might notice that we have nine big categories of products, we did not notice that acrylic wedding decorations could be in this big demand. We also work with many wedding designers in China that they told us that [...]

How to choose wedding columns?

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Our factory has been working with wedding planners for quite a time. We came to know some common wedding columns. Here we are writing this blog just to share our knowledge of this era with those who are planning their weddings.  Wedding companies generally give the couples to be married several different [...]