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How to display and storage your eyelashes?

Last Sunday when I was visiting an eyelash salon with my friend Julie, I had a nice and relaxing time. Julie got her mink lash extensions and learned from several tips from the girl. Her eyes looked much more beautiful! When we were heading back home from the salon, Julie wanted to take few more pairs of eyelashes and wear them herself in next days. The girl opened a wood cabinet and showed us several boxes. There were several big paper boxes and inside there are about 20 pairs of eyelashes. Just like shopping for perfume like the scent shall match with personality, I found those very long and curvy lashes do not look good no Julie. Or, maybe she would wear another makeup to match the lashes?

The girl introduced us the brands and told us which was better. However, judged from the packaging, we could not tell which one was of better quality. The girl took out one pair in a clear plastic box and showed to Julie. Julie looked back at me for opinion and I was quite lost myself. We are not so experienced yet to tell which pair was better. At last Julie and I left the salon and decided to learn more about eyelashes first.

As manufacturer of POP display stands, I have worked with many projects of designing the displays. I felt sad for the eyelash brands that they did not display themselves good enough in the salon. Why? When the girl opened the wood cabinet and took out the paper boxes, the eyelashes just looked very shabby. They looked like they were not wanted and left in the corner.

It was only a few days ago, when Hollyren, a professional false eyelashes manufacturer in Qingdao called us that they would attend COSMOPROF in March, that I realized it has been a hassle for them to find a perfect solution to display their lash extension types.

Today I would love to share the solutions of displaying eyelash extensions which we have worked with Hollyren to display their 3D eyelash extensions.

acrylic eyelash case

If you would like to display and promote just one pair of your eyelash extensions, which pair would you like best? Well why not display this one pair, either your new thick lashes, your best sellers or your award winning design in a single box. Make it stand out and shine! Single acrylic eyelash box  is perfect to present the one special pair of your elegant eyelashes. Just place the crystal clear eyelash box on top and it will draw the most attentions from your customers.

acrylic eyelash box

When lash factory goes for events, they usually take several pairs for each design. Customers might take away samples and due to the changes of fashion, some customers might prefer vintage eyelashes, some might prefer more fantasy eyelashes. Buyers and customers go by your booth you quickly. If you stuff your eyelashes into the packaging boxes, they won’t get that much noticed. Why not put them into one wide and flat acrylic eyelash tray? Let me take more visual visibility! When customers come along, they will see the eyelashes straight, nothing else, no paper box.

Acrylic eyelash organizer

It is hard to believe you are a professional eyelash addict or eyelash lover if you own only several pairs. Many girls come to me and said: “I have so many pairs of lashes that I wear. Just wanted a place to store then all!” Well, this is it. Acrylic eyelash organizer is the place you can put in all your eyelash extensions. If you got more, well let’s just get two drawers! It’s hard to move your showroom in the event but you can create a bigger world to compete with your competitors! A box of eyelashes will add more credibility to you as a manufacturer, a wholesaler or retailer. You’ve got them! You are specialized in this product.

It’s a busy world out there. You have limited time, put them in more productive priorities! You worry about how to wearing eyelashes, we will take care of making your eyelashes and make sure they are in perfect condition. No mess, but in one box organized. No dust, well protected. You worry about marking and growing your business, we will take care of displaying your eyelashes in a perfect way.

Not only for eyelash extensions, but also for eyelash supplies including eyelash glue!

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