Acrylic is a fragile material. Because of its outstanding transparency, if any damages were done to the acrylic material, it will be very noticeable. Please find our maintenance guide for you to help your acrylic products stay beautiful and new!

How to Take care of Acrylic Products and Glassware

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The modern world is rife with technological marvels: self-driving cars, mobile phones, and the internet, to name a few. But few miracles have changed lives like dishwashers have. They made it possible for busy individuals to have an extra hour or two of time to themselves or to spend with their family. Unfortunately, however, not [...]

Acrylic repairs

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The material, acrylic, is also known as the master of versatility because it comes in a variety of designs and covers several diverse products. Furniture, clothing, carpets, sinks, bathtubs, shower, plane windows, colors and artificial fingernails are only just a few that the acrylic material is used for. Although acrylic replaces glass because of [...]

Maintenance tips for acrylic products

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Compared with the average glass and plastic on the market, the advantage of acrylic is obvious, which is easy to shape, light in weight and not easy to break. Acrylic is famous for its transparency. It's better than ordinary glass in transparency, also better for good toughness. In many places built for children, [...]