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How to make a perfect acrylic wedding invitation?

Acrylic wedding invitations are becoming popular nowadays. Why? Different couples might have different options. However, the most popular answers I hear is that customers like how elegant it looks. When it comes to an acrylic wedding invitation, people often have questions like, is it expensive? Can I make it in colored sheets? What sizes to make? Today we will put together all questions we heard earlier and advise our solutions for your reference.

What kind of artwork should I prepare? I am not familiar with any design software, can you design for us? yes, we can design for you. However, to make the design the way you like, I suggest you send us some templates for reference. So we can get the style you like best.

What if I like to design it myself? If this the case, we suggest you design it in Coreldraw or Adobe Illustrator. Digital images come in two main types: vector images and raster images. Vector images are usually logos or line art graphics which can be enlarged or reduced in size without affecting the quality of the printed result. Jpeg photographs are usually raster images. The quality of this type of image when it is printed varies depending on the size it is printed out at. When you design your own invitation, be sure to:

  • It’s better to send us vector images. (File type .ai, .cdr or .eps by Adobe Illustrator or Coreldraw)
  • If by Jpeg image, make sure a minimum of 300 dpi to print cleanly.
  • If PDF format, make sure the quality “print quality”, “press quality” or “high quality” and 300 dpi resolution or more.
  • Use the right color type: CMYK is for printing. Do not choose RGB.
acrylic wedding invitation

What size should I make my own acrylic wedding invitation? Please get to know envelope size in your country first. So choose the mailing envelope before you start designing your invitation to ensure you have the proper size envelopes to send your invitation in. (See popular envelope sizes here at: ever after guide) Here below is the popular wedding invitation sizes. The ones we made are mostly 4.5″ x 6.25″.

wedding invitation

What shapes can I make my own acrylic wedding invitations? Rectangular is the traditional shape. As acrylic cutting is very easy to adjust. You can make it circular to square as you like. If the couple prefers some special shape, like a snowflake, a castle, we can make it all.

acrylic wedding invitation

Can I choose colors?  Yes, you can choose colors both for acrylic panels and printing for the graphic image. The color could be customized to meet your theme of the wedding.  However we don’t stock some unusual colors, so please check with us about the colors available of acrylic sheets. The printing colors, however, are always available. White is the most popular choice but royal blue is also popular.

acrylic wedding invitation

How do you print the invitation?  The artwork could be both printed or engraved. We use silk screen printing or digital printing. Digital printing is mostly for an image, like a photo of the couple. If no images just words or patterns, we will use silk screen printing which is less expensive. Some customers prefer the artwork to be engraved. Engraving work stays longer and won’t come off even you rub against it. However, engraving costs more and comes without any colors. It is plain the same with the color of an acrylic panel.

acrylic wedding invitation

The price range of acrylic wedding invitations we’ve made are from $1 to $3.6. Usually you can receive the finished invitation in 3 weeks to 4 weeks. Some customers purchase invitation envelops from China and send us to pack the invitation inside. Some customers will pack the invitation themselves. We put every acrylic invitation into a poly bag which is soft and clean so to keep the invitation safe. No dust and scratches.


If you have any questions of design and making an acrylic wedding invitation. Just drop me a line and I will be glad to be of help!

acrylic wedding invitation
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