9 Things About Acrylic Photo Frames You Want To Know

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Clear photo frames are invisible and they will fit in with any decor. Can sit horizontally or vertically. There are many reasons why people prefer acrylic than other materials to make photo frames. Clarity: Glass has a tendency to distort your view in a way that acrylic not. Most glass also adds slight greenish [...]

Free gift ideas for makeup organizer retailers

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Today we recommend you low cost, useful cosmetic related gift ideas for your makeup organizer retail business. The gift ideas are supposed to attract more customers and bring you more sales. FREE GIFT is an attractive thing to customers. Many of our clients of acrylic makeup organizer come to us for advice of gift ideas [...]

15 popular acrylic promotional products for different industries

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Will your anniversary celebration of your company come soon? The anniversary of our factory is Aug. 8th, 2008. However we haven't arranged ceremony before. We sought of decided that we would do that on our 10 year anniversary.  If our guests do come, we would be so happy. Well, we would love [...]