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How to set up an acrylic flower stand?

Every wedding planner is constantly looking for wedding inspiration and wedding centerpiece ideas. Table decoration is particularly important. Centerpieces for wedding tables are almost the heart of the entire wedding design, because at the time of the wedding ceremony and reception, the guests are sitting around the table for most of the time. Most popular wedding table settings are crystal candelabras, glass vases, flower arrangements and so on. Sometimes the event decorator has only a limited budget and customers want just perfect decor. When customers do not find eye-catching party table decoration ideas and all décor begin to fall into cliché, what other options do we have?

Today we will introduce you our 2017 wedding designer favorite wedding table decoration, that is, acrylic flower stand for centerpiece flowers. Our acrylic flower stand will support your creative flower table arrangements. Whether it is with candles, fruit or curtain beads etc. they all look great with our acrylic flower stand. Below we will introduce to you how to assemble our acrylic flower stand after receiving it.

Firstly, unpack the packages

acrylic flower stand

In order to save the cost of long-distance transportation, we have designed most of our acrylic centerpieces into self-assembly designs. Acrylic material is a very delicate material, so in transit we use a lot of packaging materials, especially wrapped with very thick bubble bag. So the first step is to pull out the acrylic panels and acrylic rods. In order not to leave a fingerprint and keep the acrylic good as new, it is best to wear rubber gloves.

Second, screw the rods in

acrylic flower stand

In the package bag you will find the screws for you. Align the acrylic panels and the openings in the rods, and then tighten the screws. It is best to use a screwdriver when screwing. If you screw all tightly, the acrylic flower stand will be particularly stable. In the process of arranging floral, you can rest assured that the flower stand will not collapse. When dining at the tables, the flower stand will not block the guests sitting face to face to see each other.

Third, taking part and storage

acrylic flower stand

Acrylic flower stands can be reused many times. After the banquet, you can take part the product and get it ready for next decor. Use a screwdriver to screw it down. Wrap them with cling film. Do not have to worry about the scratches and dust.

We recommend how you use acrylic flower stands:

First, use silk flowers

Now the simulation flowers are getting more and more real, and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish. Not necessarily with the real flowers to make the best wedding table floral arrangements. You can put the simulation flowers directly on the acrylic flower stand. Or, you can wrap the flowers on to the flower stand.  It might look dramatic but very romantic too.

acrylic flower stand

Second, use the lightings

Acrylic material just look the most fabulous when using with lighting. The lighting can be candlelight or color changing lights. The acrylic stands will reflect the lights and the lights will go through acrylic as well. It looks amazing!

acrylic flower stand

If you like to impress your customers with something magical, you just can’t find the right stand for your flower arrangements. Why not contacting us to make unique designs for you only? Cheaper than crystal, more safe than glass, why not try acrylic centerpieces?

acrylic flower stand
flower stand

Here is the video:


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