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Acrylic makeup display case

Acrylic cosmetic retail store displays. Customized acrylic display racks to fit store space. See our previous project.

Acrylic nail polish display rack

Acrylic nail polish display stand. Counter top tower, spinning nail polish display rack, shelf display stands etc. Previous project FYR.

Acrylic cake holder

Acrylic cupcake holders. Assembly is super easy. Once finished assembly, the whole unit will be attached tightly.

Acrylic cupcake stands for wedding

Acrylic cupcake stands or buffet display stands. 5 designs together for your reference.

Clear acrylic makeup storage drawers

Acrylic makeup organizer family. Different makeup organizers we made earlier for your reference.

Acrylic makeup organizers

Acrylic handcrafted makeup organizers and injected makeup organizers. What are the differences?

large acrylic makeup organizer with drawers

Large acrylic makeup organizers. Details of drawer sliding. Is it smooth? Also show how logo looks like.

acrylic drawer rail

There are usually two types of acrylic drawer rails. We are displaying built in rail in this video.

Clear plexiglass bar stools

Custom acrylic bar stool for customer in last project. Available in different sizes and upholstery.

Acrylic shower stool bench

Curvy acrylic panel could be used as shower stool, coffee table, bench. It’s so versatile. It is safe and convenient to use.

How we pack our acrylic fur stool sample

Acrylic is a fragile material. We take it a great care to pack our goods. Depending on the design itself, our packaging method is not the same.

acrylic furniture wholesalers

Mongolian fur is very popular choice for acrylic upholstery. Will the fur shed? Let’s see.

acrylic drawer knobs and pulls

Acrylic drawer knobs and pulls, how to attach them? Will they be tight?

Mongolian Fur Color

Customers might receive goods of the actual color different with what they have in mind. We send camera taken videos to confirm. This is better than just taking a picture.

Acrylic eyelash storage case

Acrylic eyelash storage drawer will keep eyelashes organized. No more tangle or dust to eyelash extensions.

custom acrylic eyelash packaging box

Acrylic eyelash box could be used as travel case or display case for one pair of eyelash. Logo printing or logo plate is available to attach.

acrylic bottle cooler

Some plastic bottle coolers are thin and with yellow tint. They might look cheap. This two layer bottle cooler won’t.

coffee caddy organizer

Unbreakable coffee caddy organizer. Check our drop test.

acrylic sliding door

Acrylic sliding door is a easy and cost effective way to have access to boxes. It is very smooth.

storage containers for makeup

500+ designs available for acrylic makeup organizers for you to choose from.

acrylic aquarium

Acrylic aquarium is versatile to be customized. It is with great clarity.

flame polishing

Flame polishing the edges of our acrylic drum shield.

acrylic snow globe

Acrylic snow globe is a nice gift idea in winter.

anti slippery rubber feet

Anti slippery rubber feet will help the acrylic stands to be more stable.

LED battery

We don’t see LED battery. However we use them with our acrylic candelabras, cake stands and vases. They look amazing.

acrylic cube injection

This is how we made our baseball cube. Injection is faster than fabrication. Mould set up cost is expensive though.

acrylic tumblers

Acrylic is so bright in color. Never out of fashion of the most popular color of the year.

unbreakable glass

A glass will be safe when a man stands on.

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